New Plugin: Amarok Track Change Notifications

Amarok Script & Mumbles Plugin

By popular demand…

I finally took the plunge, installed Amarok, started mucking around with their scripting capabilities, and came out with a script that allowed me to create a mumbles plugin using the methodology outlined here.

I have seen that there are plans to switch to DBus in the next version of Amarok (and KDE for that matter), but in the meantime, this little script should do the trick.

I took the same approach with this script, as I had with the Firefox and Thunderbird extensions in that none of them are mumbles-specific. They all use a a pretty straight forward python class that extends a DBus service object to send signals. The script sends a signal to the DBus rather than to mumbles with the hope that other applications besides mumbles could make use of it by listening for those signals. I would like to see a common set of these scripts for applications that do not send DBus signals (or have no DBus support) on their own but have a scripting/plugin interface - building these extensions is a step in that direction and I hope they catch on (and are developed further to support more features/signals).

Installation instructions are included in the download file.


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  1. medeshago said,

    Works and looks great.

    Thanks for the work!

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