This message will self-destruct…

My man, magicrobotmonkey, just published a cool tutorial about using compiz and mumbles to make self destructing desktop notifications. Video included. Check it out.

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  1. bibby said,

    Very hot! Personally, I wouldn’t go for the burn effect. It seems to attract the eye when the message is leaving rather than displaying. That said, I should be able to select any of the effects, ya? (/me compiz noob.) Treating mumbles notifications differently than other window objects is worth looking into, because mumbles is teh roX0r.

  2. Luciferin said,

    You should be able to set the burn effect on open instead of close, as with any of the effects. Now the ripple effect around the window is what I’m looking for :)

  3. v1ncent said,

    When this project will update?

  4. v1ncent said,

    Another question:
    Could mumble have this look ?

    I hate that OS X projects have better look than linux projects, thats so unfair… It must be because OS X has a more solid concept of their desktop, i mean, they provide all the tools to make better looking apps (like CoreGraphics, CoreAnimation and the Aqua interface).

  5. shivku said,

    I am loyal user of mumbles now. Thanks. One more thing in ur plugin wishlist: Twitter.

  6. dot_j said,

    v1ncent: I was on a bit of a hiatus, but the project should be picking up speed again. Mumbles does have themes, so yes, that look would be possible. I have a partially written tutorial on creating themes, so hopefully you can help with that particular theme when that comes out. Please keep an eye on the website for updates (I promise, they will pick up).

    shivku: Thanks - twitter support is indeed coming (as well as some other cool things) - please stay tuned.

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