Download 0.3

These are the download and installation instructions for mumbles 0.3. The current version of mumbles is 0.4. You probably want to download the latest version of mumbles.

As mumbles is a new project, installation of version 0.3 may not be as easy as it will be in the future, but the instructions below will hopefully get you up and running.

Before you install mumbles you should check that you have the following packages installed for your distribution:

* Python 2.4
* PyGTK 2.8
* Python Glade
* Python Cairo
* Python Dbus
* Python Setuptools

DOWNLOAD the version 0.3 source tarball and unpack mumbles to your home directory.

Run the included ./ script to create the plugin links. If everything went well, you should see an “Installation Complete” message.

Finally, launch mumbles by running ./mumbles

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