Firefox & Thunderbird Extensions

The following are generic DBus notification extensions for Firefox and Thunderbird. Mumbles plugins have been created to listen for events sent by these extensions however, they are not limited to use by mumbles. They each send generic DBus signals (NewMail and DownloadComplete) on their respective events so other applications (an Awn plugin for example) could listen for these signals and react accordingly.

While currently in a functional state, these could be improved and added upon. Suggestions, comments and contributions, like always, are welcome.

The extensions are currently only available in the the Mozilla Add-ons Sandbox (registration required). Follow extension progress by using those versions on The Mozilla Add-ons site. And if you dig the extension, please nominate it to appear on the public site.

If you don’t have a Sandbox account, or don’t want to create one, the extensions are also available for direct download here. If you do grab them here and like what you see, please consider creating an account and nominating them. That will drive future development and hopefully adoption by other applications.

Firefox Download Complete Extension

Thunderbird New Mail Extension

Amarok Script - Track Change DBus Signal

This Amarok script sends a signal to the DBus on track change. Like, the Firefox and Thunderbird extensions, this is not mumbles-specific and the signal sent could be used by other applications.

Twitter Check - Check Twitter for new Messages

This script sends a signal to the DBus when new messages are received. Like, the others above, this is not mumbles-specific and the signal sent could be used by other applications.

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  1. Marius Scurtescu said,

    The links to the Firefox and Thunderbird extensions do not seem right, these worked for me:

  2. dot_j said,

    Thanks - links updated.

  3. james said,

    any plans for seamonkey plugin?

  4. dot_j said,

    I would like to see something for Seamonkey. I’m still a bit new to the Mozilla extensions, so I am hoping to hear some feedback about the FF/TB extensions before I dive much deeper into them or others.

    I’ve been playing around with LIghting trying to add a similar DBus notify on calendar alerts, but it’s not releasable yet.

    If there’s more of a demand for Seamonkey, maybe I’ll move my attention there.

    What I would really like to see is a hashed out DBus extension for all of the Mozilla projects. I’ve found that most projects write extensions specific to their goals, where the beauty of DBus is we could all use a common interface. I think some of this is possible when you compile the Mozilla apps with DBus support, but (at least for now), it seems easier to get a good common extension out there that is useful to many applications.

  5. Logan Koester said,

    Are you aware the Mozilla Add-ons Sandbox link on this post links to the user register page at Mozilla? Cheers

  6. dot_j said,

    Logan, I am. The DBus extensions for both Firefox and Thunderbird are in the Sandbox area (and marked as experimental). Registratation is required for downloading these from the Mozilla add-ons site.

  7. Richard said,

    I am using Firefox 3b5 and am unable to install the DBUS Extension linked to the Local Site… It gave me the error saying that the extension was incompatible with my version. The mozilla.org/sandbox one worked fine,

    You might wanna update the Local one next time you get a change…seeing as how all the Ubuntu 8.04 Users have that browser by default.

    Forgot to mention. Awesome work on Mumbles!!! Love It!


  8. itrs said,

    Is the add-on source opened ?
    If it is where can I find it ?

  9. satoshi said,

    I added some stuff to your Pidgin plugin:
    -Idle reporting
    -Status Update reporting
    -Sign on/sign off
    -Typing reporting
    -Icons for Jabber and Facebook Chat

    Thanks for giving me a reason to finally play around with DBus and Python!

  10. Steve said,

    Do you have versions available for 3.0.1 by any chance?

  11. canadrian said,

    The Firefox plugin is not compatible with Firefox 3.0.3. Are you planning on updating it in the near future? I’m a Mac user at home, but I use Ubuntu on my work Thinkpad and I really miss Growl. ;)

  12. Ian said,

    I think mumbles is awesome! I just wish their was a plugin to support Firefox 3..I currently use it for pidgin,Amarok,and Evolution. Thanks!

  13. dot_j said,

    Firefox 3 plugin available on the Mozilla Extensions site:


    update: I realized the version number had to be updated. The new plugin has been uploaded to the mozilla site & should update shortly.

  14. MumRah said,

    I downloaded the Amarok Script.
    How do i install it?
    Please accept my apologies if i overlooked how to install it.


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