Pidgin Plugin Now Available

A plugin for Pidgin is now available in SVN repository.

The setup script has been updated to build the egg, so if you update or check out the current version, the installation will remain the same. If you just check out the Pidgin plugin you can either run the newest script or build the egg yourself from src/plugins/pidgin:

python develop –install-dir .. -m

Mumbles 0.3 Is Out!

Our first release (version 0.3) has hit.

Find it at the usual places [download] [svn] and drop by our SourceForge page.

Welcome to Mumbles

Welcome to the mumbles project!

Please take a look around, download and get involved!

Mumbles is (as of yet) a small project and (we hope) is a great opportunity to get started in an open source project. Contributions of all kinds are greatly appreciated - write a plugin, make something better, send in some artwork or find another way to participate.

Thanks for stopping by - we hope you enjoy!

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