User Contributed & Other Plugins
Here you will find other plugins not included with the default mumbles package.

Custom Plugin Installation
To install these plugins make sure you have a plugins and plugins/icons directory in your hidden ~/.mumbles directory.

mkdir ~/.mumbles/plugins
mkdir ~/.mumbles/plugins/icons

Then copy the plugin .egg file to ~/.mumbles/plugins and the .png icon file to ~/.mumbles/plugins/icons.


Sends a mumbles notification when new mail has arrived.
Tutorial for how this plugin was created can be found here.


Sends a mumbles notification when a track changes.
Plugin requires Amarok DBus script found here.
Package containing both is available here.

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  1. David Martínez said,

    Somebody knows where can i download the plugin for pidgin messenger?, i was looking for it, but i can’t find it in anyplace.

  2. dot_j said,

    The Pidgin plugin comes by default with mumbles. If you have mumbles installed you should be able to see Pidgin notifications.

  3. David Grubnick said,

    Anyway to get or make a plugin for Kopete?

  4. dot_j said,

    As a Gnome user, I don’t have any experience with Kopete. But if it is sending signals to the DBus it would be possible to write a plugin.

    for instructions on how to see if Kopete is sending signals to the DBus.

    If not, I believe the version in KDE 4 may have DBus support as they are supposedly moving away from DCOP. If all else fails, maybe a plugin for Kopete would provide DBus support? If you find anything promising please keep me posted.

  5. David Grubnick said,

    If, looked a bit now, and Kopete doesn’t have dbus support, no plugins either.

    Anyone reading this wanna write one? =D

  6. Xyverz said,

    Running 64-bit Ubuntu Gutsy. Installed the mumbles deb, but I’m not getting messages from Pidgin. “mumbles-send test” worked, but pidgin messages aren’t. Any suggestions?

  7. dot_j said,

    There appears to be a bug either in mumbles, or in the 64 bit version of pidgin. I have some information about the problem and will be looking into it. Thank you.

  8. gaymerNZ said,

    Yeah, I’m running Hardy x64 and Mumbles doesn’t give me any info for Pidgin. Is there any info I can give you to help? I’d love for this to work! ^.^

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